World of love Festival

We are so sorry to announce this, but due to the COVID-19 concerns we decided to reschedule the World of Love Festival. It was not an easy decision to take but the health and safety of our community are the priority. We very much hope that by June, the situation in the UK and all over the world will have vastly improved, nevertheless we would like to ensure that everyone who comes to the World of Love Festival will have a chance to enjoy it without any worries or concerns. Our new event will hopefully take place in October and we will run it indoors. We will confirm the new date to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much to all the communities, artists, language teachers and volunteers for your continuous support . We very much look forward to seeing you all in autumn! Please stay safe and healthy. Free family language festival with people from more than 20 countries from all over the world sharing their languages and cultures: Polish, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Brazilian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Indian, Russian, German, Bulgarian, French, Welsh, Afro-Caribbean, Spanish, Nigerian, Mexican, Indonesian, Chilean and many others. ✅ Performances of international artists! ✅ Children's games and activities from various countries ✅ Fun language games ✅ Workshops from around the world, among others: Zumba, African drumming etc. ✅ Children's arts and crafts ✅ International food stalls ✅ Live arts performances and art exhibitions!

5 Percy Mews, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DF, UK

24.06.2021 14:30:36 - 25.06.2021 08:35:43

Teile Diesen Deal

Gefällt mir

19.06.21 14:30 - 19.06.21 19:30
Floss Saturdays

42 Pentlow St, London SW15 1LX, UK 


16.06.21 14:30 - 16.06.21 19:30
Radiate Windrush Festival

London WC2N 5DU, UK 


22.05.21 14:00 - 23.05.21 01:00
Escape Open Air Festival...

85356 Freising, Germany 


18.03.21 16:36 - 18.03.21 18:30
Sunglasses @ Night - 80s ...

10117 Berlin, Germany