Gatsby House Party

Experience the Hudson Terrace Salon & Patio, New York's hottest nightclub New York Nightlife  Presents... The 6th Annual Gatsby's House Revel in the Electric Energy of... Hudson Terrace 5 Hour Premium Open Bar 3 Top NYC DJs 2 Areas of Excitement  1 Amazing Countdown! Never look back and never second guess a New York New Year's Eve this 2020. Experience the Hudson Terrace Salon & Patio, New York's hottest nightclub. Every year this party sells out, and this 2021 celebration will be over the top as it becomes the Official Gatsby NYE party of the Big Apple. Here is a glimpse of what awaits you at this amazing event: Hands down the best countdown at a NYC Nightclub NYC's Finest DJs performing the Hits: EDM, TOP 40, & Open Format  5 Hour Premium Open Bar - That's right: 8pm - 1am - You know the drill! Early to Late Afterhours: 8pm - 4am | 8 Hour Party! Multiple areas to find the perfect atmosphere Elevated VIP Section Outside Smoking Patio Top Tier Bottle Service Packages VIP Dom Pérignon Table Packages Stellar Group Rates Avail as listed below or call: 212.947.9662 (while supplies last)  Complimentary Party Favors for everyone (while supplies last) New York's #1 Nightclub Countdown Experience at Midnight!  And more...

6 Gatsby Ln, Kings Point, NY 11024, USA

03.02.2021 13:30:16 - 03.02.2021 17:30:23

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