Ladies and Latte

FREE MONTHLY NETWORKING EVENT FOR LADIES AT A VENUE IN DULWICH Do you want to network for free with inspirational business women in your area? Maybe you're thinking about starting up a business? Or have a business that you'd like to introduce to others! Then why not attend the "Ladies Who Latte" networking meeting in Dulwich Village. Ladies Who Latte operates simple, informal, networking. So whether you have 15 minutes to pop in or can stay for the whole meeting,  join us, grab yourself a tea or coffee and share your story with us. 

51 Neal St, West End, London WC2H 9PQ, UK

10.06.2021 14:30:10 - 17.06.2021 19:30:17

Teile Diesen Deal

Gefällt mir

06.03.21 13:30 - 06.03.21 18:30
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